Facebook Enables Deep Linking for new App Installs

May 20, 2015


Imagine you are sharing your thoughts on a hot topic in one of the groups you are in on Facebook, and you see an ad for a recipe for gluten-free home-bake dog treats. The recipe is exactly what you have been looking for (Facebook knows!). The recipe is one of many recipes in the new "Bow Wow Home Bake Dog Recipes" mobile app. Until recently - you would click the link, which would take you to the app store of your device (Google Play or Apple) to install the app, and wala - nada. You now have an app but have to go through and "re-search" to find the recipe you wanted from the start. If you already had the app installed, the link may have taken you right to the recipe - which is what Facebook deep linking, or App Links has supported. But in the many instances where a user wants access to the content, but does not have the app already installed - they had to go through this crazy process. Because of the explosion of mobile apps, Facebook and Google specifically are extremely interested in "unlocking" the content in mobile apps that are essentially hidden from web spiders and web cookies. Facebook deep linking commitments started when App Links was introduced at f814, and doubled-down on App Links at f8 2015 by introducing app to app linkages via the App Links protocol. Facebook is now enabling deep linking for new app installs as well. 11057196_1623083497928325_834080577_nFacebook is becoming a larger/leading player in not only mobile ads, but mobile ads in mobile apps (not just on Facebook). Enabling a more streamlined user experience for Facebook users, Facebook's advertising partners can target and drive ultra-relevant results and deliver ultra-relevant calls-to-action in their Facebook ads - not only for re-engagement but for acquisition. This was expected, but is great news for mobile as a whole - users, advertisers, publishers and Facebook. You can learn more about Facebook App Links and their deep linking strategy here.



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