iOS 10

iOS 10 Features – 10 Hidden Updates in Apple’s New OS

iOS 10 is coming, and along with it a long list of major changes for developers. But along with those changes come a plethora of small and medium quality-of-life updates that should make this iteration of the iPhone experience the smoothest yet. The below features haven’t been widely publicized by Apple, but expect fans to be extolling their virtues when iOS 10 releases later this year.

Voicemail Transcriptions

New to iOS 10 is the ability to have voicemails automatically transcribed for you into text. Your phone can now automatically analyze voicemails for you and present them as a text message. Now you won’t need to fumble with your phone as you scramble to copy down information from a voicemail; you can simply click the number shown in the message to call them right back.

VoIP Apps Integrated Into the Call Screen

iPhone users have long used third-party VoIP apps to make phone calls without needing to use a dedicated data plan. This has served well enough until now, except for the fact that VoIP app users weren’t able to integrate core iPhone features like their contacts list into the apps. Now, in the latest update, Apple has integrated VoIP calling apps into their call screen, so you can make calls using the native iOS screen. VoIP calls will also be saved as recent, and now integrate with all your standard phone programs.

Autocorrect Recommends Emojis to Replace Text

In a move of style over substance, Apple will now recommend you switch out words in your iMessage conversations for emoji symbols. When you invite a friend to pizza, your phone will prompt you to change the word “pizza” to an emoji of a pizza. With Apple also including instant text replies, such as a thumbs up or down picture, it seems the companies’ goal is to make a texting a faster, cleaner, and more fun experience.

Rich Links for iMessage

Have a favorite song or internet clip you want to share with friends? Previously you would have to paste a link for others to click on and check out, but no longer. Now, thanks to what Apple is calling “Smart Links”, video or audio links can be directly placed into iMessage.

Apple Music Now Shows Song Lyrics

Is Taylor Swift really saying “Starbucks lovers”? Now you’ll finally have the answers to your burning lyrics questions thanks to Apple Music’s new lyrics feature, which will show you song lyrics as part of the listening experience. It’s still unknown how many songs will come will lyrics initially, but it’s fair to assume a lot of your favorite songs will be covered.

Quicktype Answers More Questions 

Apple’s Quicktype feature has dabbled in answering questions before, with simple responses like “Yes” and “No” built in to make your texting life easier. Soon, though, the Quicktype feature should be expanded to encompass a much larger range of questions and situations. If someone asks you about dinner plans tonight, for example, Quicktype will scan your calendar for restaurant names and addresses. Then all you have to do is confirm the address and hit send.

Apple Pay Coming to Safari

Apple Pay will now be offered to web developers through Safari. Whenever you reach the payment screen of your favorite website, you may be able to choose “Buy with Apple Pay” to confirm the purchase with your touch-ID without ever having to pull out a credit card.

Smarter Maps with Detours and Improved Location Services

It can be frustrating to search for the nearest fast-food place or gas station only to receive a cluttering of options, many of which you have already passed. Apple will address this and other Maps annoyances in iOS 10. Now, Maps will return you a single option that is closest to you, and won’t drag you too far off your intended journey. You’ll even see your detour time incorporated into your overall travel length.

Edit Photos Before You Take Them

 Apple’s new Live Photo enhancements mean that you’ll take the perfect photo, complete with cropping and filters, every time. Now you can adjust photo features before you even take the shot, allowing for seamless and perfect snapshots every time. Plus, new digital video image stabilization means your photos will come out smoother and cleaner than ever.

Dual Browsing in Safari for iPad Users

iPad users who have long wished for stronger multi-tasking tools on their tablet are in luck as now they will be able to split their screen vertically in order to browse and manipulate two Safari windows concurrently. This is a massive boon to those that rely on tablets for work as they now have access to a capability which has been wanted for over a half-decade.

You’ll have a chance to check out all these features and more when the new iOS 10 update launches this fall.

iOS 10 – What Do Upcoming iOS Changes Mean For Your App?

The recent reveal of iOS 10 means big improvements for users, but it will be even more revolutionary for app developers looking to take their feature set to new heights. Here is a rundown of how these new features will help you make your app more accessible than ever before.

Removal of Apple apps allows more real estate for your product

In recent years the iPhone home screen has become cluttered with official apps. Junk apps like iBooks, News, and Tips can finally be deleted, meaning your app will have an easier time finding space – and purpose – on a user’s phone.

Up to this point Apple held a sort of monopoly on specific app services, but if and when a user deletes an official app like Weather or Mail it could open the door for superior alternatives. There are already many stock-app alternatives in the App Store, but they’ll have a real chance to shine now that users don’t have to worry about doubling up on install space.

Another benefit is that, if users clear up space on their Home screens previously cluttered by junk apps, it could improve engagement for apps that have already been downloaded. TechCrunch notes that many users reserve their last page for “rarely used apps” and “apps that [don’t] readily fit into [a user’s] preferred organizational system.” Now that users can delete many of those apps, the third page may no longer resemble an app graveyard.

Integration of apps into iMessage means constant access to your content

With the popularity of emoticons and stickers, it’s no surprise that Apple will finally allow users to access custom emojis without first needing to open the corresponding app. This change is a massive boon to any developer focused on creating content that could be made easier via iMessage integration.

The obvious winners are the aforementioned emoji services, as well as gif and message effects apps, but things get really exciting when you start thinking outside the box. Imagine playing an asynchronous multiplayer game within iMessage, paying a friend back for lunch with a simple text, or receiving real-time updates on the location of your Uber as you’re messaging friends. The potential is there, and now it’s down to developers to find new and interesting ways to push the feature.

Apple even announced that a dedicated App Store will be available for iMessage. There developers will be able to place all of their newest services for users looking to push the boundaries of the iMessage service.

Siri app integration changes the way users type and search for content

For the first time, all apps will be able to integrate Siri voice commands into their system. While the effects of this are obvious for chat apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, all sorts of apps stand to benefit from the inclusion.

The addition of Siri’s voice commands could simplify search, messaging and more for your users, making the experience faster and more intuitive. For example, a food services app may use Siri to allow customers to ask for upcoming meal specials at all of their followed restaurants without needing to dig into the profile of each one. It will be up to developers to learn both the powers and limitations of Siri, as well as how they can use her to improve their app.

New and improved notifications means your app can send updates in real time 

Previously, if an app wanted to update a user on some sort of change, it was forced to send multiple updates, each with new information. These messages could quickly fill up a user’s screen and become confusing to read. This is no longer the case as now your app can update users live in real time. Developers can utilize this new feature to provide recent, relevant content for games, sports scores, transit status, maps and much more.

With so many new features rolling out alongside iOS 10, you will be empowered to expand your app like never before. It is in every developer’s best interest to embrace these new tools to create more accessible, flexible and powerful apps for everyone.