Pre Order Apps

Pre-Order Apps: What’s the Benefit for Developers?

Apple and Google want to get apps onto user’s devices faster. They allow developers to get their apps onto devices faster by releasing Pre-Order Apps (iOS) and letting users pre-register on Google Play. Pre-ordering apps seems beneficial to users, as it delivers what they want earlier. But how can it benefit developers? Are there any positives during the pre-launch phase? What does pre-ordering mean for their ASO strategy? Let’s go over why allowing apps to be pre-ordered/pre-registered would be beneficial to developers.

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Facebook App Creatives

Facebook App Installs: Creatives Best Practices

App developers are always on the prowl for new ways to drive installs and improve their conversion rate. They’ve taken to combining their ASO strategy with paid marketing campaigns such as Facebook Ads to attract and convert the right users. As with any ASO or paid acquisition strategy, the creative presentation and technical guidelines of Facebook Ads campaigns need to be considered. Performance should be also regularly be re-evaluated to make the best results are being achieved.

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