The Value of Attribution

How Attribution Helps Your Mobile App

Where do your app’s downloads come from? While it is known that the vast majority of downloads come from searches, that can be broken down into even more specifics and categories. Are you showing up in searches? What about the charts and featured placement? Attribution is essential to forming an App Store Optimization strategy, as it helps inform and shape your ASO decisions. Continue reading

App Store Spotlight: Star Wars

Star Wars App Store Spotlight

The official “Star Wars” app was not made a long time ago, nor in a galaxy far, far away, but it still captures the energy of the “Star Wars” franchise. The app offers augmented reality functions, video clips, photo stickers and even a virtual reality feature for Google Cardboard users. With all that the app has made available, is the Force with its App Store Optimization, or has it fallen to the dark side of the App Stores? Continue reading

Search Ads Bid Suggestions

Apple Search Ads Adds Bid Suggestions

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is an excellent marketing tool for getting an app to the top of search results for relevant keywords, as well as a useful feature for App Store Optimization. However, developers often wonder how much they should bid – if they spend too much, any sales the ads generate won’t provide enough profit, but if they bid too little, their apps won’t appear enough either. As such, Apple has added bid suggestions to Search Ads, so developers can get a better idea of how much they should bid. Continue reading