App Store Spotlight Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole App Store Spotlight

With just around a week to go until Christmas, children are hoping that Santa Claus will bring them the gifts they want this year. The “PNP – Portable North Pole” app is designed to provide children with personalized video messages from Santa, creating an on-demand and custom experience. But does its App Store Optimization have the same kind of magic? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at PNP and see if it’s on ASO’s nice list.

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Search Ads Reporting and Localization

Search Ads: Add New Reporting & Localizations to Support Mobile Marketing

Apple Search Ads has added a new reporting feature that will make it even easier for developers to track their app’s performance for a wide array of metrics. In addition to the new reporting tools, it’s also expanding its availability to nine more territories, allowing developers to reach more users around the world with their Search Ads campaigns.

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App Store Optimization

ASO in 2019: Best Practices and Strategies

As 2018 nears its end, it’s time to look at what has changed in the app store environment and how it will impact the future of App Store Optimization. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store underwent changes throughout the year, so while best practices for ASO follow the same overall concepts, the changes should be considered when planning for 2019. Continue reading