Apple Arcade

Apple News+, Arcade and TV+: How ASO Can Help Developers Compete

Earlier this week, Apple announced several new upcoming services. Each one is an advancement for existing apps and services, providing new features and capabilities for tools and services users are already familiar with. The announcement left many developers of similar apps worrying about how they can stay relevant, but the answer lies in App Store Optimization.

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App Store Spotlight

Line Webtoon App Store Spotlight

LINE WEBTOON is an app where webcomic artists can upload their comics for readers to find and enjoy. It hosts a number of hit online comics, designed for easy reading on mobile devices. The app makes it easy to find a new comic to enjoy, but is it an easy app to find on the App Store and Play Store? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at LINE WEBTOON’s App Store Optimization.

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Apple Search Ads

Search Ads Adds New Territories

Apple Search Ads announced the addition of new territories, enabling developers to launch campaigns in new regions. This latest update is a large-scale expansion, more than tripling the number of territories Search Ads are available in. A Search Ads campaign provides multiple benefits for an app’s App Store Optimization, so the expansion is important for developers launching apps in those regions.

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Game Developers Conference 2019

Mobile Gaming Trends at GDC 2019

With the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) concluding another successful year, attendees left with new insights and looks at the latest in gaming of all shapes and sizes. Everything gaming related was on display, from large studios showcasing their latest games to advancements in virtual reality, and especially the latest in mobile gaming. These are some trends in mobile gaming showcased at GDC, and how developers can use App Store Optimization to capitalize on them.

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Mobile Cross Play

Mobile Games Prepare for Console Cross-Play: How ASO Will Help

Epic Games has announced the Epic Online Services, designed to bridge the gap between console, PC and mobile gaming. What this means is that mobile games will not only face more competition from console and PC games, but games going from console to cross-platform mobile will need to understand App Store Optimization in order to compete.

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