Google Play Policy

Google Play Restricts Apps for Marijuana, Alcohol and Tobacco

Google Play continues its policy updates. Following the new rules for children’s apps and loot boxes, it is introducing restrictions on apps regarding the sale of marijuana, as well as ones that sell or glorify tobacco or alcohol products. With this change, many app developers may need to modify or reposition their apps and App Store Optimization to avoid removal.

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App Store Optimization

Loot Boxes and App Store Optimization

There is a legal debate over the fate of microtransactions, particularly loot boxes. A proposed bill could impact the sale of randomized in-game items, including loot boxes or summons in “gacha” games. At the same time, Google has added a new Play Store policy wherein developers must disclose the odds of receiving items in loot boxes. Apps and mobile with loot boxes or similar systems should look at the new requirements and think about how to utilize them for their App Store Optimization strategy.

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Google Play Review

Google Play Updates Developer Policies for Kids Apps

Google has announced a new set of developer policies designed to create a safer online environment for children and families. This includes keeping personal information secure, monitoring advertisements and selecting a target audience in line with their content. These changes can not only help keep the Play Store safer for kids, it can also assist with proper audience targeting for App Store Optimization.

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WWDC 2019

Apple Announces WWDC 2019: What to Expect for Apps

Apple’s biggest event, WWDC, will begin on June 3rd, 2019 and run through the 7th. The annual developers conference, held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, is set to include announcements for several new product features that app developers should be aware of. Knowing the upcoming features and updates will help developers prepare their apps and their App Store Optimization in advance so they’ll be ready when the changes go live.

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App Store Spotlight

Hulu App Store Spotlight

Hulu is a video streaming website and app where users can watch original programming, live sports and licensed content. Recently, new buzz picked up around Hulu after Disney acquired the service. Buzz alone is not enough to drive app downloads, though – it also needs App Store Optimization. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Hulu and see how well its ASO works.

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