By Innovation Only

Apple Announces “By Innovation Only” Event: What We Can Expect

Apple has announced its next annual keynote event, set to take place on Tuesday, September 10th. The event, titled “By Innovation Only,” will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, starting at 10 AM PT. With the event approaching, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see, and potential impacts on App Store Optimization.

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App Store Screenshots

Optimize Your App’s Screenshots After Updates

Screenshots are one of the most crucial components for conversion. When a user discovers your app on the App Store and Play Store, you’ll want to make a strong impression. Users typically spend 2-3 seconds on a single search result before they either download or move on. 

As screenshots play a large role in conversions, it’s important to constantly test, update and optimize your screenshots – especially after a store undergoes a change.

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App Store Spotlight

Forest App Store Spotlight

Smart phones. For all the value they bring to work and life, smart phones can sometimee be a distraction. One of the millions of apps that aims to solve this problem is Forest, an app that turns time spent away from the phone into points that users can redeem to help plant real trees. The app can help trees grow, but is it built in a way to help its keyword rankings and visibility grow in the App Store and Play Store? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we turn our focus to Forest.

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App Store Rating

How App Ratings Impact Downloads

After all the time and energy developers spend on creating their apps, a positive rating and review can be a welcome sight. They can signal to the developer that their hard work has paid off, and they’ve created something users are liking. Ratings are for more than just a developer, though – they also signal to both users and the stores if an app is worth their attention. As such, app ratings can impact downloads and App Store Optimization in several ways.

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App Store Category

App Store Changes 17+ Age Category for Improved Availability

The app market is a global force, so developers often want their apps to be available in several different regions. Until recently, certain apps were unavailable in South Korea, due to age restrictions on content. To help with this, Apple has updated the criteria for age ratings on apps made available within the region. This allows apps with certain content to be available there. However, part of the change is impacting apps worldwide, whether or not they’re sold in South Korea.

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