Apple Announces "By Innovation Only" Event: What We Can Expect

August 30, 2019


Apple has announced its next annual keynote event, set to take place on Tuesday, September 10th. The event, titled “By Innovation Only,” will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, starting at 10 AM PT. With the event approaching, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see, and potential impacts on App Store Optimization.

New iPhones

It is almost a given that these events will include the reveal of new iPhone models. In 2018, Apple announced the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. This year, leaks have begun to suggest there will be three new iPhone 11 models, featuring triple rear cameras and a 6.1-inch display, among other features.

Once new devices are announced, developers should begin preparing their apps for them. Depending on the screen sizes, developers may have to prepare new creative sets designed for them. Any new functions or changes that impact performance should be tested, such as apps with photography and augmented reality features if there is a new camera.

Any changes to form and functionality can have an impact on how apps perform and appear on the new devices, so it’s important to pay close attention to the announcements and specs.

iOS 13

In 2018, Apple launched iOS 12 a week after their keynote event. iOS 13 was announced at WWDC 2019, but has not completed its rollout yet, so it is possible that Apple will complete its release soon. The beta releases have revealed important changes, such as:

Developers should have tested their apps with each new beta and prepared any necessary updates for the new operating system, to ensure that they can transition smoothly into iOS 13.

iPad & Apple Watch

While new iPhone devices tend to be the biggest news, Apple is consistently releasing new models of the Apple Watch and iPad as well. Apple is still developing new features for the Apple Watch Series 4, so even if there is no Series 5 announcement, there is still the possibility of Series 4 updates.

Similarly, there is a chance of new iPad devices being announced, including the first 10.2-inch version. Reports suggest that the iPad Pro may also gain a triple-lens camera, although nothing is confirmed until announced by Apple.

App Store Impacts

No matter what the announcements are, app developers will have to pay close attention. Whenever Apple releases new hardware or software, it impacts the app ecosystem.

New devices often bring new screen sizes and specs, which developers will want to ensure their apps work well with. This will require new testing and updates to ensure the apps look good and run properly on the devices, as well as designing new creatives for the various screen sizes.

Additionally, new hardware and software releases have been known to impact keyword rankings. Keywords are typically volatile for around two weeks after a new release, as the App Store updates and users download apps to new devices.

Developers will want to monitor keyword movement around the time of new iOS and hardware releases. They may shift significantly at first before settling back down, but afterwards it’s important to assess where the keywords land and update apps accordingly.

Keep an eye on the Gummicube blog for more news on Apple’s “By Innovation Only” event during and after the conference, as we report on and analyze the changes that will impact app development, marketing, and optimization.

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