Halloween App Store Optimization: How Seasonality Lead to Success

Now that it’s Halloween, the App Store and Google Play Store are showcasing apps designed or updated for the holiday. We’ve stressed the importance of seasonality, and this is where seasonal updates for Halloween pay off. What apps built App Store Optimization strategies for Halloween and how well did they succeed? Here’s how Halloween seasonality benefited them.

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app localization

Mobile Game Localization: More Than Just Translation

Apps and mobile game developers typically want to reach a worldwide audience. Getting users around the world to enjoy an app can be both profitable and fulfilling. In order to reach users overseas, they’ll have to localize their apps for each region. The localization process extends beyond the app itself – localizing an app’s ASO is also important, especially for mobile games trying to reach a wider audience.

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App Store Spotlight

Escape Game: Autumn App Store Spotlight

The Escape Game apps are a series of mobile games by Jammsworks Inc, each with a different theme. They’re mobile apps based off escape rooms, where users must uncover hidden clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. With Fall well underway, apps with an autumnal theme can capitalize on seasonality to grow. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Escape Game: Autumn and its App Store Optimization.

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Google Play Store

Digital Wellbeing Apps: Google’s Offerings & Developer Opportunities

Following the Android Dev Summit, Google has revealed five new experimental apps, along with instructions on how to design similar ones, to demonstrate how apps can be used to assist with mental well-being in a digital era. Called the Digital Wellbeing Experiments, Google is providing open code and a “Hack Pack” for developers to design their own apps to “help people find a better balance with technology.” As developers work with the experiments or compete with their own wellbeing apps, they should understand how App Store Optimization can help their success.

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