App Store Optimization

2019 App Store Optimization: Year in Review

With 2019 nearing its end, it’s time to take a look back and see how App Store Optimization has changed over the past year. The year was filled with changes that impacted all parts of the app ecosystem, from new devices and operating systems to new store guidelines and developer tools. Let’s take a trip through the year and see some of the biggest changes to come out of 2019.

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What Makes a Good App?

What Makes a Good App: Apple and Google’s Best of 2019 & ASO

With 2019 coming to an end, Apple and Google have announced their picks for the top apps of the year. Apple’s “App of the Year” and Google’s “Best of 2019” winners are good examples of what makes a successful app. Of course, even the best apps can still benefit from App Store Optimization, so we can see how ASO impacts these apps and their success. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and see what they can tell us about what makes a good app.

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