Google Play Store

Google Play Store Adds New Teacher Approved Section

The Google Play Store received an update adding a new section for educational apps. This new section, called “Teacher Approved,” features apps that meet Google’s “Designed for Families” program requirements and have been reviewed by a panel of teachers. For developers of educational apps, this presents new opportunities for App Store Optimization.

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App Description

Curio App Description Spotlight

The app description serves an important role in informing users about how an app works, what it provides and how much it might cost. An up-to-date description lets users see how an app is relevant to their current needs and ongoing events. This is particularly pertinent for news apps such as Curio, an app that provides audio journalism and is currently featured as an “App of the Day” in the App Store. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Curio’s description and see how well it follows App Store Optimization best practices.

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App Store Optimization

Spring Seasonality for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization requires updating to keep an app relevant, including seasonal updates. With spring starting soon, it’s important for app developers to see if there are any seasonal changes or events that they should update their apps and ASO to account for. Here are several ways that apps can update for springtime events to help them remain relevant as the seasons turn.

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