Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games

Can mobile games benefit from user-made videos? The Google Play Store is testing a new feature that may help you find out.

A new report from Android Police shows the early testing of a new feature on the Play Store. This integrates YouTube with mobile game Play Store listings to show user-made videos. As the test continues to roll out, it could have an impact on user conversions and App Store Optimization.

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App Keyword Analysis

App Keyword Analysis: What You Need to Know for ASO

Is your App Store Optimization  based on proper App Keyword Analysis? Knowing what keywords to target is a core pillar of ASO, but all too often developers target keywords based on no data, or even worse, faulty data.

If you want your ASO strategy to succeed, you need to find the right keywords for your app. How do you do that? With proper analysis, monitoring and updating.

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App Store Screenshots

TED App Store Screenshots Spotlight

If your App Store Screenshots aren’t engaging and informative, are they even working? A good screenshot set should tell users everything they need to know about the app in a manner that keeps them interested and wanting more – almost like a speech.

This brings us to the TED app, which was recently featured on the Apple App Store in the “Find a Passion Project” list. Does the app include screenshots as interesting as the TED Talks it features? Read on and find out in today’s App Store Spotlight.

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