App Store Screenshots

Brawl Stars App Store Screenshots Spotlight

What message do you want your App Store Screenshots to convey? For apps and mobile games, the screenshots need to convey core features and the biggest draws of the app early on. For one example of how screenshots do this, we can look at Brawl Stars, a mobile game currently featured by Apple in its list of “Games to Help Pass the Time.” How well do its screenshots convey functionality while engaging with users? We’ll look and see in today’s App Store Spotlight.

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Google Play Screenshots

Google Play Screenshots and Video Best Practices: What does Google Recommended?

When you launch an app on the Google Play Store, you’ll want to ensure users will like what they see. Your creatives, including the Google Play Screenshots and Promo Video, will make a major difference in whether or not users convert. In order to assist, Google has published advice for managing graphic assets alongside the guidelines, which can be used to assist with your App Store Optimization.

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App Store Metrics

App Store Metrics Not Reporting iOS 14 Data

Update: This issue has been addressed as of 9/25/2020. App Store Connect now includes iOS 14 filter and launch date.

App developers rely on their App Store Metrics to see how they’re growing or identify potential issues. If any metrics are not reported, they could be flying blind or work off inaccurate information. With the recent release of iOS 14, developers need to follow their usage metrics as users update to the newest operating system.

However, an error in App Store Connect is currently not marked or filtering App Analytics data for users on iOS 14, which could add a level of difficulty for developers trying to optimize their apps.

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