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App Store Screenshots

Hidden Objects Valentine’s Day App Store Screenshots Spotlight

App Store Screenshots can give a user their first look at the app, so it’s important they make a good impression. When an app relies on seasonality, such as Valentine’s Day apps, it’s equally important that they use their screenshots to capitalize on the holiday with thematically appropriate imagery. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Hidden Objects Valentine’s Day to see how its App Store Screenshots utilize seasonality and how they’re designed for conversions.

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App Store Connect

App Store Connect Fixes Inaccurate Analytics Data

App Store Connect recently started displaying a notification that there has been an issue with reporting impression and conversion data. Over the past several months, many apps saw shifts in impressions and conversions around mid-September, particularly with the Browse and Search sources. In fact, some developers had reported conversion rates of over 100%- a metric that simply is not possible. Apple has started to address this issue and reports that developers should see their analytics returned to normal soon.

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Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads Changes How Creatives are Displayed

Apple Search Ads can help an app appear at the top of search results for terms they target. Since this is important for visibility and App Store Optimization, it’s common for developers to target terms they already rank #1 for as a defensive strategy to protect their strongest keywords and brand name. When this happens, it may feel redundant for the same app to appear twice in a row. A recent update to Apple Search Ads has addressed this by changing how the creative sets are displayed.

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App Store Description

Tap Cats App Store Description Spotlight

The App Store Description is what gives users important details about an app. It should be engaging, informative and easy to read. “Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle CCG,” a mobile game available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is the subject of this week’s App Store Spotlight, where we see how its App Store Description works on each storefront.

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