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Apple Search Ads

What Are Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is a powerful tool for reaching users on the Apple App Store. In addition to gaining paid installs, a good Search Ads campaign can also benefit an app’s organic growth. As it is a helpful tool for App Store Optimization, developers and marketers looking to start an ASA campaign should know a few key things about Search Ads.

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App Store Description

Be My Eyes App Store Description Spotlight

An App Store Description should convey the uses and purpose of an app in a way that users can read easily. It can be tricky for apps that serve an important purpose to condense everything down, but it is necessary. Be My Eyes, an app designed to help the visually impaired through user volunteers, needs a good description to convert users into new volunteers. In this week’s App Store Spotlight, we focus on Be My Eyes and its App Store Description.

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App Store Video

Starbeard App Store Video Spotlight

An App Store Video, whether it’s an App Preview Video on the Apple App Store or a Promo Video on Google Play, can be a powerful tool for user conversion. A good video can increase conversions by up to 25%, although a poorly-made one can have an equally detrimental effect. For apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, it may be necessary to create more than one video. For an example of this, we look at the mobile game Starbeard and its App Store Videos.

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App Store Ranking

App Store Ranking and ASO

App Store rankings are key to success on the App Store and Play Store. An app’s ranking determines how easy it is for users to find it in the stores. Since 70% of app discoverability happens in searches, the higher your app ranks for search terms, the better your chances of it being downloaded are. In order to succeed, app developers must understand how the stores determine rankings, as well as how App Store Optimization can help.

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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization for Translation Apps

There are multitudes of apps on the market that can serve nearly every need, but with the great variety comes intense competition. Translator apps are a great example of apps with high competition and high demand – which means that App Store Optimization can be a deciding factor in their success. Here are some factors translation app developers should consider for their App Store Optimization strategies.

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