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App Store Video

The Almost Gone App Store Video Spotlight

An App Store Video, including the iOS App Preview and Google Play Promo Video, can set the tone for an app or mobile game. Using in-app footage and music can establish an atmosphere while conveying information about the app. We can see this in the video for The Almost Gone, a mobile game recently featured on the Apple App Store as its Game of the Day.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we examine The Almost Gone’s video and see how it appeals to users and where it can improve its App Store Optimization.

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Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass Expands to More Countries

Google Play Pass, the subscription service that lets Google Play users access a wide array of paid app content, is expanding. Google will be making the Play Pass service available in nine new territories, in addition to adding additional content and lowering the price. This change opens up new opportunities for app developers whose apps are available through Play Pass or who want to offer their apps through it.

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App Metrics

App Metrics, Errors and ASO

App Store Connect and the Google Play Developer Console are excellent platforms for measuring analytics, but even they can occasionally have errors where app metrics are misreported. While these errors are not common, they can cause concern for developers looking to measure their App Store Optimization efforts.

In order to be prepared for the occasions where App Store Connect or the Google Play Developer Console display errors, here’s what you need to remember.

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App Store Screenshot

PaperKarma App Store Screenshot Spotlight

A picture says a thousand words, but sometimes an App Store Screenshot needs to say a little more. App Store listings can include several screenshots with copy to describe their purpose to users.

PaperKarma is an app designed to stop physical junk mail, recently featured on the App Store in the list of “Apps for the week ahead.” Do its screenshots convey the benefits and usage of the app? For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look and see.

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