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Google Play Screenshots

Google Play Screenshots and Video Best Practices: What does Google Recommended?

When you launch an app on the Google Play Store, you’ll want to ensure users will like what they see. Your creatives, including the Google Play Screenshots and Promo Video, will make a major difference in whether or not users convert. In order to assist, Google has published advice for managing graphic assets alongside the guidelines, which can be used to assist with your App Store Optimization.

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App Keywords

App Keywords: Choosing the Right Keywords for Your ASO

Your app keywords will determine how users find your app. If you want to be discovered, you need to choose your keywords wisely. But where does one even begin? How do you know what keywords will help your app the most?

By following App Store Optimization best practices, you can identify and implement the keywords that are most suited to help your app grow and reach users.

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ASO Best Practices

ASO Best Practices: The Importance of Iteration

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process. If you want to maintain consistent downloads and high keyword rankings, you need to continue striving to improve. This makes iteration one of the ASO Best Practices that can help apps compete as time goes by and trends change.

How can iterative updates help your app? Each new iteration can provide improvements, new insights or tests for your optimization, which we shall explore.

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