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App Store Description

VoterPal App Store Description Spotlight

When your app is available in the stores, how will you let users know everything it has to offer?

The App Store description should never be overlooked. It’s an important tool for conversion and building keyword relevance, so a well-written description can make a big difference.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at VoterPal. This app is currently featured on the Apple App Store for “Making a Difference,” but does its description make it clear how it can help users bring about positive change?

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App Store Video

Carrot Weather App Store Video Spotlight

What does an App Store Video say about a mobile app? The video can show your app in action, showcase its top features and much more, as long as it’s designed well.

With summer beginning, Apple showcased Carrot Weather as an “Essential app for the weeks ahead.” When users view its page, they’ll quickly see the promotional video – will it help convert them? For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Carrot Weather and find out.

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App Store Screenshots

TED App Store Screenshots Spotlight

If your App Store Screenshots aren’t engaging and informative, are they even working? A good screenshot set should tell users everything they need to know about the app in a manner that keeps them interested and wanting more – almost like a speech.

This brings us to the TED app, which was recently featured on the Apple App Store in the “Find a Passion Project” list. Does the app include screenshots as interesting as the TED Talks it features? Read on and find out in today’s App Store Spotlight.

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App Store Screenshots

Ecosia App Store Screenshots Spotlight

App Store Screenshots provide a first look at the UI, features and core values of an app. In the case of Ecosia, a web browser designed to raise money for planting trees and helping the planet, its screenshots should convey its goal while showcasing its functionality. If the screenshots can do this, users will gain a more thorough understanding of the app and are more likely to convert. As today is Earth Day and Ecosia is one of Apple’s top featured apps for the day, our App Store Spotlight will take a look at its App Store Screenshots on the App Store and Play Store.

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App Description

Curio App Description Spotlight

The app description serves an important role in informing users about how an app works, what it provides and how much it might cost. An up-to-date description lets users see how an app is relevant to their current needs and ongoing events. This is particularly pertinent for news apps such as Curio, an app that provides audio journalism and is currently featured as an “App of the Day” in the App Store. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Curio’s description and see how well it follows App Store Optimization best practices.

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