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First Impressions: The Importance of Immediate Attention on Mobile

When a user sees a mobile ad, how much time does it need to leave a first impression? Ten seconds? Two seconds? According to research from The Wall Street Journal, the most lasting impression happens in less than a second. This research can be applied towards App Store Optimization when designing an app listing’s creative content to make the best impression on users.

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The Importance of a Developer Page

When a developer publishes apps on the Google Play Store, they can also create a developer page. This is more than just a list of their published apps – it’s a place where users can get to know who the developer is and learn who they’re getting apps from. Perhaps even more importantly, the text used here is indexed in Google Play store search. As such, a good developer page can be helpful for an app’s optimization on Google Play.

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Web Search vs Mobile Search

The world runs on data. Data can tell you what people want, how they behave and what they’re looking for, all of which are essential for marketing an app. When you use data, it must be accurate and relevant to your market – while this should go without saying, many developers still make the mistake of relying on web data for their App Store Optimization instead of mobile data. If you want your app to succeed on the App Store and Google Play Store, you need to use data from mobile searches.

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Maintaining Momentum After Being Featured

Getting featured on the App Store or Google Play Store can be a great benefit for an app. Not only is it a validation of the app’s success and enjoyability, but it also increases its visibility significantly. Users will be able to see the app right from the front page and it comes with the store’s recommendation. After being featured, however, many apps see sharp drop offs in their installation numbers – so how can App Store Optimization help an app maintain momentum after it’s been featured?

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App Store Algorithms: What’s the Difference?

Publishing an app on the Apple App requires a different set of strategies and formatting than publishing on the Google Play Store. This is an important guideline of App Store Optimization and the reason why a proper ASO strategy requires designing different descriptions and utilizing different metadata for each store.

Why is it the case?

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