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Session Replay

Session Replay Technology Leads to App Store Removals

Session replay technology provides developers with valuable insight on drop-offs, bugs and more in-app activity. However, many apps have not been disclosing that this information is being collected and for what purpose. As a result, apps across the store were given a sudden 24 hour notice to remove their session replay SDK, receive explicit permission from the user to allow recording, or be removed from the store.

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Google Play Store Sends Editors’ Choice Notifications

Being named as an Editors’ Choice is great for an app – it places them in a distinct section on the front page of the Google Play Store to improve discoverability. The same is true for being placed on its quarterly Android Excellence list. Now, Google is even sending notifications to users on their devices to promote editorial content.

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Don’t Watch to Win: Apple Enforces “Unacceptable Behavior” Guidelines

Apple sets several guidelines for acceptable app practices. Failure to follow them can result in an app being removed from the store, but apps still often try to work around them. Recently, Apple has begun targeting apps that violate certain guidelines. Apps that require users to watch videos, download other apps or tap on ads in exchange for compensation as a primary feature are at risk of removal.

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Google Play Metrics

Google Play Developer Console Adds Installer Metrics

Google has announced a change to A/B testing experiment metrics on installations. These metrics can provide new insights for developers to understand how well each variant is converting and retaining users. Using the information gleamed from the experiments, developers and marketers can test and improve their App Store Optimization strategy and improve their app’s performance.

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Google Play Store Changes SMS and Call Log Policy

Google Play recently announced new changes to its security policy for SMS and call log permissions, which may impact apps with those features. This could result in several apps where sending text messages and recording calls are included in the functionality being removed from the store. Apps concerned about removal should check the policy, their app’s functions and their App Store Optimization to remain safe.

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