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Google Fights Malicious Apps with App Defense Alliance

Google has been pushing to ensure the apps available on the Google Play Store are safe from malware and adware. The company’s latest effort is a partnership with security firms in what they call the App Defense Alliance. This initiative designed to identify and remove apps with hidden adware, subscription scams and more, so developers should ensure that their apps are secure or risk removal.

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Google Play Points and ASO

Google recently announced that Google Play Points, a rewards system that offers points for every purchase a user makes, will be made available in the United States. The reward system, which has already seen success in Japan and Korea, is designed to encourage purchases on the Google Play Store. Developers offering rewards through Google Play Points can utilize it as part of their App Store Optimization to further drive downloads.

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Google Ads Changes Frequency Caps

Paid marketing, such as Google Ads and Apple Search Ads, is a tool that can enhance an app’s conversions and organic rankings. Every paid install can help an app gain 1.5 more organic installs, so paid acquisition helps apps even when the paid campaign ends. Google has adjusted how it delivers repeat ads, which may impact app developers using Google Ads to supplement their App Store Optimization.

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