Gummicube, Patient Army, Piggyback Media selected as Fund-able 50 @ Private Pitch & Demo Meeting Q1 2014

Gummicube Inc, Patient Army Inc and Piggyback Media were selected as Fund-able-50 at the Private Pitch Demo event held at Perkins Coie, Palo Alto. First-place Winner Gummicube, Inc(is also the Winn…

Gummicube, Patient Army, Piggyback Media selected as Fund-able 50 @ Private Pitch & Demo Meeting Q1 2014 

Gummicube wins back-to-back awards as top emerging Silicon Valley startup

In the last two years the team at Gummicube has had the privilege of helping hundreds of amazing developers and cutting edge startups with App Store Optimization for their apps.  In fact, nearly 2,000 campaigns later we have more experience navigating App Store Search than any other company in the world.

We’re happy helping our partners shine, building great businesses with mobile technology – but in the past month the attention turned on Gummicube, which received some serious recognition among top startup communities in Silicon Valley.

On January 25th, 2014, Gummicube won Startup of the Month at the SVEntrepreneur Demo Day.  For readers who may not have heard of SVEntrepreneur, it is the second largest Meetup group in the world  (next to the founder of and one of the largest startup communities in North America.

Winning this kind of event against a crowded field of innovative Silicon Valley startups is a great honor – and validation of App Store Optimization becoming an essential marketing component for every application.  If you have a website you know how important it is to be on page one of search results and the same is true for mobile apps.  ASO is the bedrock, the foundation of  marketing for any application to be successful.

The house was packed with developers watching Gummicube present


Gummicube was then invited to pitch at the Launchpad: Idea to IPO event at startup acceleratornestGSV. The Launchpad event was attended by hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs, investors and other contributors to the Silicon Valley startup community.  The event judges were also great – partners and representatives from Wasabi Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Harvard Angels and Kiretsu Forum all attended.

After many great startups presented and some deliberation among the judges, Gummicube won the event.

Gummicube wins Launchpad event at nestGSV


Successfully optimizing an app for App Store Search requires leveraging mobile data from inside the App Store.  While some view Google search trends as an analog to what is happening in the App Store, this information is often anecdotal at best.  Gummicube  is focused on a mobile centric approach to App Store Optimization – leveraging exclusive mobile data and technologies.

The web and mobile are fundamentally different platforms – the biggest startup tech communities in Silicon Valley agree.

Keyword Stuffing Is Never A Good Idea


Since we started helping developers with App Store Optimization all the way back in 2011, knowledge of the importance of ASO has spread among the app development community.  This is great news!  We want developers to get great results from their apps in the App Store and acquire the highest quality users which can only come from App Store Search.  Unfortunately, just like traditional SEO for the web there are “white hat” (good) and “black hat” (bad) methods of optimizing your app for App Store search.  White hat methods will get you great results over time while black hat methods may get your app kicked out of the store.

One key part of App Store Optimization is writing the title and description for your app.  Picking the correct keywords and managing keyword density is incredibly important to be “found” with the best keywords in App Store search.  When going through through this process (which we manage on behalf of our clients) it is important to know the difference between writing a useful description that includes keywords and “keyword stuffing”.  Keyword stuffing is considered a black hat technique in which random keywords are “stuffed” into metadata with the hopes of being ranked for those keywords.

Unfortunately, keyword stuffing doesn’t work over the long term for most developers.  First, it confuses consumers. Nobody knows how to read a keyword title that is incredibly long and most end users avoid apps that appear to be spammy.  Second, Apple and Google don’t like this practice.   More and more apps are being rejected from the review process because their titles are stuffed with keywords that make no sense from an end user prospective.  The general rule that we follow when crafting titles and descriptions for apps is that if a consumer doesn’t understand what you offer from reading the title, it is a bad title and may be “keyword stuffed”.

High quality apps + high quality metadata =  high quality users.

Always remember that your title and description are written for the end user first.  Within this framework of telling the user what an app is all about, you then must thread in the key words and phrases that are important to your app from a metadata prospective.  This is what Apple and Google expect to see when they are reviewing your app and in practice following this rule helps developers over the life of their app.

New Report On App Store Algorithm Shows How Ratings Affects Top Apps | TechCrunch

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App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization – They Go Hand in Hand


We’re all about helping developers discover new ways to drive adoption of their apps organically – because organic users are the best, most valuable users.  One of the best ways to do this is to optimize your keywords and drive high quality, honest reviews about your app from real end users. The reviews and ratings will be tied directly to the keywords associated with your app – as you have more reviews with relevent keywords, your rank will increase!  This is of course what Gummicube is all about.

Another method of promoting your apps organically is SEO (search engine optimization).  The reason that SEO is important in a mobile world is two-fold:

1.  Just like users search for apps in the App Store, many will “Google” for apps and you want to be at the top of the stack on the first page.

2.  We believe that in the future, App Store Search is going to incorporate some degree of “score” for back links and web-based metadata.

There have been suggestions that search in Google Play is already incorporating some of this web-based metadata into their app store search algorithm.  To be prepared for this important new “factor” in search based app discovery there are a few things that you can do:

– Have a great “squeeze page” online that is filled with great content and metadata.  If you are serious about app store success, you will need to throw up a WordPress site at a very minimum that is loaded with great, useful content for your end users.  Don’t forget to make the content keyword rich.

– Focus on the same keywords for both your SEO and your ASO efforts.  They will work together to make your app stand out and target the right audience.  For SEO, try to focus on 10 keywords or less that have meaningful traffic but low competition (if possible).  You can use the Google Keyword Planner to research keywords that will make a difference for your app.

Hint:  This is the same tool that many of the companies who provide keyword analysis for ASO use to determine traffic volume and relevance (they aren’t actually scraping search data from the App Store) and you’ll get it for free by getting to know how to use Google Keyword Planner.

– Write great press releases and distribute them everywhere.  There are a ton of websites and news organizations that cover apps as well as directories where you can submit your press releases.  Many have great “PR” (page rank) with Google, which can help boost up your own site rank.

This can seem like a lot of work for an independent developer – but not to worry – there are plenty of services that can help you optimize for SEO and submit your press releases to plenty of websites and news organizations.  One partner that we can recommend for this type of App Marketing is yourappreport. YourAppReport has a great track record of delivering results for a reasonable price and can help get your app the web coverage that you are looking for.

They also have a great free keyword analysis report that can give you tons of great high level data about your app/keyword/strategy.

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