App Store and Play Store Face Antitrust Inquiries

While the Apple App Store and Google Play Store host apps from developers all over the world, the companies behind the stores may be giving their own apps extra attention. The stores are under investigation for allegedly favoring their own apps in their stores. Whether or not that is the case, app developers can utilize App Store Optimization to help even the playing field.

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Localizing Descriptions

Localizing Your App Store Description

The app market is global, reaching users on every nation and in every language. Many developers have apps available in several countries, which requires localizing their App Store and Play Store listings for the languages they’re available in. As localization is an important part of App Store Optimization, it’s important to understand how to maintain ASO during the translation process.

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ParkMobile App Store Spotlight

ParkMobile is an app designed to help users find, save and pay for parking spots. It can help users ensure they’ll have a good spot to park, but is its App Store Optimization strong enough to ensure it a good spot in the App Store and Play Store search results? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at ParkMobile and see if its ASO is driving it to the top.

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App Store Subscription Guidelines and Apple’s New Subscription Services

The release of Apple’s News+ subscription service, along with other upcoming services, has left many developers nervous about how they are going to compete. While App Store Optimization can help developers remain competitive even with Apple as a rival, the company appears to be taking a “do as I say, not as I do” stance for its own subscription guidelines.

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