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App Store Description

VoterPal App Store Description Spotlight

When your app is available in the stores, how will you let users know everything it has to offer?

The App Store description should never be overlooked. It’s an important tool for conversion and building keyword relevance, so a well-written description can make a big difference.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at VoterPal. This app is currently featured on the Apple App Store for “Making a Difference,” but does its description make it clear how it can help users bring about positive change?

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App Descriptions

App Descriptions Best Practices

App descriptions are essential for App Store Optimization and conversions. They tell users what an app has to offer, why they should download it and how it can help them. Additionally, they provide valuable data to the App Store and Google Play Store that can be used for paid campaigns and indexation. If you want to create app descriptions that can help improve conversions and help with your App Store Optimization, here are some best practices to follow.

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Google Play Short Description

Google Play Short Description ASO Best Practices

The Google Play Short Description provides users with a quick introduction to your app. While the Long Description can delve into specifics of app features, the Short Description needs to be more concise. With that in mind, let’s examine how the Google Play Short Description helps with App Store Optimization and the best practices for writing one.

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App Description

Curio App Description Spotlight

The app description serves an important role in informing users about how an app works, what it provides and how much it might cost. An up-to-date description lets users see how an app is relevant to their current needs and ongoing events. This is particularly pertinent for news apps such as Curio, an app that provides audio journalism and is currently featured as an “App of the Day” in the App Store. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Curio’s description and see how well it follows App Store Optimization best practices.

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