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App Store Review Guidelines

App Store Review Guidelines Updated: What Developers Should Know

Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines, adding new information about App Clips, streaming services and more. While some of these changes are clarifications to existing rules, others are new guidelines that can impact the presence of apps on the App Store. What should developers know about the new rules, and how will they impact App Store Optimization?

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App Review Process

App Review Process Changes for Apple App Store

The App Review process is the final hurdle app developers must overcome before getting their app launched or updated on the App Store. Once it goes through the review process, the app is either set to launch on the store or is rejected and developers must make changes.

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced upcoming changes to the App Review process. Those changes are now live, including options for developers to challenge the App Review Guidelines. How will these changes impact app development and App Store Optimization?

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app store review

App Store Reviews: Why Replying Matters

Reaching and converting users is an important aspect of App Store Optimization, but retaining them is just as important. When users leave app store reviews, properly responding can make the difference between retaining users (as well as potentially converting new ones) and losing them. Developers should understand the best practices for responding to app store reviews and how it can make a difference.

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App Reviews

Fake App Reviews Cause App Store Concerns

Reviews are valuable to an app for many reasons. They can signal to other users if an app is well-liked, provide developers with feedback on issues or ways they can improve, and are helpful for App Store Optimization. It’s no wonder that developers would want their apps to receive positive reviews, but it’s important to gain the reviews properly. New reports of fake reviews have surfaced, so developers need to understand why they should avoid underhanded methods of inflating their rankings and how to naturally improve their reputation.

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