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App Store Screenshots

National Park Trail Guide App Store Screenshots Spotlight

App Store Screenshots can convey many important aspects of an app, from its design elements to the variety of features it provides. For apps focused around the outdoors, it has to strike a balance of inspiring users to go outside and to bring the app with them.

Such is the case for the National Park Trail Guide app, which is currently featured on the Apple App Store thanks to the approaching anniversary of the National Park Service’s founding. The app is designed to help users discover and explore trails and sights in national parks across the country.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we help celebrate the National Park Service by analyzing the App Store Screenshots for the National Park Trail Guide app. Do they manage to convey the technological functionality of the app and the natural beauty of the parks simultaneously?

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App Store Screenshots

Loóna App Store Screenshots Spotlight

App Store Screenshots need to do more than show screencaps from an app – they need to convey features and establish a voice for the app. Developers must consider several factors, such as color choice, font for the screenshot copy and how the screenshots look when viewed in Dark Mode.

To see this in action, let’s shine a spotlight on Loóna, a nighttime rest and relaxation app currently featured as Apple’s App of the Day. How does it use its screenshots to establish branding and voice, and does the nighttime app remain effectively optimized in Dark Mode?

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App Store Screenshot

PaperKarma App Store Screenshot Spotlight

A picture says a thousand words, but sometimes an App Store Screenshot needs to say a little more. App Store listings can include several screenshots with copy to describe their purpose to users.

PaperKarma is an app designed to stop physical junk mail, recently featured on the App Store in the list of “Apps for the week ahead.” Do its screenshots convey the benefits and usage of the app? For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look and see.

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Screenshot Copy

Screenshot Copy ASO Best Practices

Do you want your app screenshots to stand out? Do you want to engage with users from the very first image and get them to install your app?

A picture may say a thousand words, but sometimes it takes a little more to truly reach users. If you want to convey the value and functionality of your app from the very first impression, screenshot copy can help.

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App Store Screenshots

TED App Store Screenshots Spotlight

If your App Store Screenshots aren’t engaging and informative, are they even working? A good screenshot set should tell users everything they need to know about the app in a manner that keeps them interested and wanting more – almost like a speech.

This brings us to the TED app, which was recently featured on the Apple App Store in the “Find a Passion Project” list. Does the app include screenshots as interesting as the TED Talks it features? Read on and find out in today’s App Store Spotlight.

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