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App Store Description

Be My Eyes App Store Description Spotlight

An App Store Description should convey the uses and purpose of an app in a way that users can read easily. It can be tricky for apps that serve an important purpose to condense everything down, but it is necessary. Be My Eyes, an app designed to help the visually impaired through user volunteers, needs a good description to convert users into new volunteers. In this week’s App Store Spotlight, we focus on Be My Eyes and its App Store Description.

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App Store Video

Starbeard App Store Video Spotlight

An App Store Video, whether it’s an App Preview Video on the Apple App Store or a Promo Video on Google Play, can be a powerful tool for user conversion. A good video can increase conversions by up to 25%, although a poorly-made one can have an equally detrimental effect. For apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, it may be necessary to create more than one video. For an example of this, we look at the mobile game Starbeard and its App Store Videos.

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app store description

Boomerang App Store Description Spotlight

App store descriptions serve several purposes for an app, from informing users of its features to impacting keyword indexation and Apple Search Ads relevancy. Boomerang is a video streaming app with thousands of classic cartoons, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It was also featured on the Apple App Store recently, due to the large selection of holiday specials users can stream.

For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Boomerang’s app store descriptions and see where it works and where it could be improved on the App Store and Play Store.

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app store screenshot

ElfYourself App Store Screenshot Spotlight

With the holidays approaching, seasonal apps are seeing an increase in popularity. In order to appeal to users, these apps need to include strong creatives. This includes app store screenshots and videos, especially for photo and video apps. One such example is ElfYourself, which lets users add their faces to dancing elf videos. In this week’s App Store Spotlight, we look at ElfYourself and see if the app store screenshots it uses can help draw in the holiday crowd.

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