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Session Replay

Session Replay Technology Leads to App Store Removals

Session replay technology provides developers with valuable insight on drop-offs, bugs and more in-app activity. However, many apps have not been disclosing that this information is being collected and for what purpose. As a result, apps across the store were given a sudden 24 hour notice to remove their session replay SDK, receive explicit permission from the user to allow recording, or be removed from the store.

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App Store Algorithms: What’s the Difference?

Publishing an app on the Apple App requires a different set of strategies and formatting than publishing on the Google Play Store. This is an important guideline of App Store Optimization and the reason why a proper ASO strategy requires designing different descriptions and utilizing different metadata for each store.

Why is it the case?

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Don’t Watch to Win: Apple Enforces “Unacceptable Behavior” Guidelines

Apple sets several guidelines for acceptable app practices. Failure to follow them can result in an app being removed from the store, but apps still often try to work around them. Recently, Apple has begun targeting apps that violate certain guidelines. Apps that require users to watch videos, download other apps or tap on ads in exchange for compensation as a primary feature are at risk of removal.

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Apple Holiday Profits Break Records

Apple App Store Reports Record-Breaking 2018 Holiday Profits

2018 proved to be a record-breaking year for Apple and the App Store, with consumers worldwide spending over a billion dollars between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The week of profits was then concluded with New Year’s Day 2019 setting a new single-day record. This impressive start to 2019 continues to illustrate the growing value of the app economy, as well as why App Store Optimization is essential for success within the App Store.

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Avoiding the App Store Tax: Can it be Done and its Impact on Mobile Marketing

In mid-2018, mobile app developers such as Netflix and Epic Games tried to circumvent the App Store’s cut of the profits from in-app purchases. Now Netflix has launched a global change to no longer support iTunes as a method of payment, so as to ensure that Apple will not be receiving any percentage of the developer’s profits. Following this announcement, one must understand how Netflix is doing this and whether or not other developers can, will or should follow their lead, as well as how it can impact their App Store Optimization.

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