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Don’t Watch to Win: Apple Enforces “Unacceptable Behavior” Guidelines

Apple sets several guidelines for acceptable app practices. Failure to follow them can result in an app being removed from the store, but apps still often try to work around them. Recently, Apple has begun targeting apps that violate certain guidelines. Apps that require users to watch videos, download other apps or tap on ads in exchange for compensation as a primary feature are at risk of removal.

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Apple Holiday Profits Break Records

Apple App Store Reports Record-Breaking 2018 Holiday Profits

2018 proved to be a record-breaking year for Apple and the App Store, with consumers worldwide spending over a billion dollars between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The week of profits was then concluded with New Year’s Day 2019 setting a new single-day record. This impressive start to 2019 continues to illustrate the growing value of the app economy, as well as why App Store Optimization is essential for success within the App Store.

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Tumblr Removed from App Store

Apps Removed from the App Store: What You Can Do to Stay Safe

The social media world was shaken when the popular social network Tumblr was removed from the Apple App Store. While the app does have built-in filters designed to block people from posting illegal images and content, they failed to stop certain harmful images from being posted. As a result, the app contained content that violated Apple’s terms and conditions and was subsequently removed. Now developers are wondering: how can they be sure their apps won’t make the same mistake? Continue reading