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Mobile Games Make Apple a Top Gaming Company: Why ASO Matters

When people think of gaming companies, the first names that come to mind are brands like Nintendo or Sony. However, Apple now ranks among them as the fourth largest gaming company in the world. The reason for this is due to the number and quality of games on its App Store, which means that App Store Optimization can play a large role towards success in the gaming industry.

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Apple Announces WWDC 2019: What to Expect for Apps

Apple’s biggest event, WWDC, will begin on June 3rd, 2019 and run through the 7th. The annual developers conference, held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, is set to include announcements for several new product features that app developers should be aware of. Knowing the upcoming features and updates will help developers prepare their apps and their App Store Optimization in advance so they’ll be ready when the changes go live.

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Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Proceeds: How This Will Impact Apps

Apple has been facing legal challenges with how it manages the App Store. In addition to antitrust inquiries from the European Union, it has been battling in the Apple v. Pepper suit. The Supreme Court is letting the lawsuit proceed and rejected Apple’s arguments, and while the case is in its early stages, it could have a major impact on the App Store.

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