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Google Play Developer Console

Google Play Developer Console Beta Tests Updates

The Google Play Developer Console is getting an upgrade, which means it’s time for a beta test.

Google recently announced the Google Play Console beta, which redesigns the Developer Console and adds new tools to help developers. To understand what these new changes are and how they can help, we should explore the beta in relation to App Store Optimization.

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Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games

Can mobile games benefit from user-made videos? The Google Play Store is testing a new feature that may help you find out.

A new report from Android Police shows the early testing of a new feature on the Play Store. This integrates YouTube with mobile game Play Store listings to show user-made videos. As the test continues to roll out, it could have an impact on user conversions and App Store Optimization.

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App AB Testing

App A/B Testing: Google Play Experiments and ASO

App A/B Testing is a great tool for developers trying to improve their App Store Optimization. Running A/B tests can identify what users respond to best across an app listing, from the creative designs to the descriptions. In order to properly run these tests, developers need to understand how Google Play Experiments work and the best practices for running A/B tests.

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