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Google Play Store Updates Design, Permissions and Evaluations

Google frequently updates its Play Store with both user-facing and developer-facing changes. The latest round of updates is a Material Theme redesign, which can impact how apps appear on the Play Store, but Google has also announced updates to Android APIs and Play policies that developers should be aware of. These changes can have an impact on their App Store Optimization and Play Store listings.

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Google Play Changes Icon Designs

Google Play has updated with a new way to design app icons. These provide dynamically rounded corners and remove shadows, creating a more uniform shape throughout the Play Store. As developers create new icons for their apps, they should consider the App Store Optimization best practices for creative assets and the value that icons provide to an app.

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Google Play Store Sends Editors’ Choice Notifications

Being named as an Editors’ Choice is great for an app – it places them in a distinct section on the front page of the Google Play Store to improve discoverability. The same is true for being placed on its quarterly Android Excellence list. Now, Google is even sending notifications to users on their devices to promote editorial content.

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