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App Monetization

Promote iOS In-App Purchases & Free Trials on the App Store

In-app purchases don’t necessarily need to happen directly from the app. Apple allows users to make purchases from within the App Store, which can then be instantly applied to the app. Because of that, developers can promote their in-app purchases, free trials and promotions on the App Store page, as well as tabs like Today, Games and Apps.

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In-app purchase promotions

In-App Purchase Promotions: Why Does it Matter?

In-app purchases are important methods of earning money through an app. Whether they’re large purchases for premium content, subscription renewals or microtransactions for in-app currency, every dollar spent in the app helps make it more of a success. To get the most out of your in-app purchases, you should be sure to name each of them – this will appeal to users better and help your App Store Optimization.

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