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iOS App Privacy and VoIP Data Collection

Apple is making a change to its operating system with the release of iOS 13, designed to improve user security. This change will impact several apps, particularly those with VoIP capabilities. Apps with those capabilities should prepare to update accordingly. Failure to do so can result in getting removed from the App Store, which can have long-lasting impacts on its App Store Optimization. At the same time, apps that do update can use this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition as competing apps are impacted by the change.

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iOS 13 Beta Introduces Subscription Cancelation Prompts

Apple maintains an important balance with subscription apps. It wants to incentivize users to subscribe with new discounts and bundles while preventing apps from using predatory tactics to make users buy expensive subscriptions. With the latest addition to the iOS 13 beta, it’s working on helping users avoid accidentally staying subscribed to deleted apps. This will be an important shift for apps with subscription services and may impact their App Store Optimization.

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