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iOS 13 Adoption at 50%: What this Means for Your ASO Strategy

Apple recently announced that iOS half of all Apple devices are currently running iOS 13, including a larger percentage of all devices introduced in the last four years. The latest operating system can run on iPhone SE devices and on, as well as the 7th generation iPod touch, although iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus are no longer supported. This means that developers can potentially gain or lose a large portion of their audience based on how well their apps are designed for the latest operating system, and their App Store Optimization is updated accordingly.

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Dark Mode Apps

Designing Your Creative Sets for Dark Mode

An app’s creative set will be a potential user’s first impression of your app. A study by neuroscience research company Neurons Inc. found that mobile advertisements trigger reactions in less than half a second. Similarly, developers only have a brief moment to make an impactful first impression on users who discover their app while scrolling through App Store search results. A split second can make all the difference in converting users, particularly in search, where 70% of installs come from.

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iOS 13

Swipe Keyboards and iOS 13: How Apps Can Stay Competitive

Often times, new operating systems introduce built-in functions that threaten to make third party apps redundant. For instance, Apple’s own features have been in competition with screen time and parental control apps. Now, swipe keyboard apps may have a similar concern, as iOS 13 has added its own swipe to type functionality. Fortunately, such apps can utilize App Store Optimization to remain competitive as an alternative to Apple’s built-in functionality.

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App Subscriptions

Apple Adds Subscription Billing Grace Period

App subscriptions can be a great source of income for the developers, especially when the subscriptions automatically renew. However, there are instances where a user cannot pay on the exact date of renewal, whether it’s due to credit card issues or a temporary lack of funds. While this previously would have resulted in a sudden cancelation, Apple is adding a “grace period” for subscribers, which can help subscription apps keep their retention and engagement high.

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