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Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass Expands to More Countries

Google Play Pass, the subscription service that lets Google Play users access a wide array of paid app content, is expanding. Google will be making the Play Pass service available in nine new territories, in addition to adding additional content and lowering the price. This change opens up new opportunities for app developers whose apps are available through Play Pass or who want to offer their apps through it.

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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization for Translation Apps

There are multitudes of apps on the market that can serve nearly every need, but with the great variety comes intense competition. Translator apps are a great example of apps with high competition and high demand – which means that App Store Optimization can be a deciding factor in their success. Here are some factors translation app developers should consider for their App Store Optimization strategies.

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app localization

Mobile Game Localization: More Than Just Translation

Apps and mobile game developers typically want to reach a worldwide audience. Getting users around the world to enjoy an app can be both profitable and fulfilling. In order to reach users overseas, they’ll have to localize their apps for each region. The localization process extends beyond the app itself – localizing an app’s ASO is also important, especially for mobile games trying to reach a wider audience.

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