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Mobile Apps for Board Games

Mobile Apps for Board Games: How ASO can Help Your Sales

Apps are a part of our lives in every way imaginable, from the way we communicate to the games we play. This extends beyond mobile gaming – even traditional games are starting to embrace apps as a tool for enhancing the game experience. Yet while most board games with a mobile app element view the app as just something users download after buying the game, App Store Optimization can help transform the app into a new channel for user acquisition.

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Mobile Apps

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

A common phrase known around the world is “there’s an app for that.” If there’s an app for nearly every need, why aren’t more companies making mobile apps? Well, big-name businesses like Starbucks, Macy’s, and more have successfully shifted their business platforms to incorporate mobile. Thanks to their efforts, they’ve managed to capitalize on m-commerce, which alone is forecasted to reach $284 billion (roughly 45% of total US e-commerce) by 2020.

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Lifetime Value of Users

Understanding the Lifetime Value of Users

Not all users provide the same value to an app. Multiple casual users provide different benefits than a few dedicated ones who constantly use the app, for while all users are important, the ones that continually use it provide more to an app’s success than those who just download it.  This is why it’s necessary to understand the lifetime value of app users, from those who download an app and never open it to “super users” who use it on a daily basis.

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