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ASO for Mobile Games

Mobile Games Make Apple a Top Gaming Company: Why ASO Matters

When people think of gaming companies, the first names that come to mind are brands like Nintendo or Sony. However, Apple now ranks among them as the fourth largest gaming company in the world. The reason for this is due to the number and quality of games on its App Store, which means that App Store Optimization can play a large role towards success in the gaming industry.

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Game Developers Conference 2019

Mobile Gaming Trends at GDC 2019

With the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) concluding another successful year, attendees left with new insights and looks at the latest in gaming of all shapes and sizes. Everything gaming related was on display, from large studios showcasing their latest games to advancements in virtual reality, and especially the latest in mobile gaming. These are some trends in mobile gaming showcased at GDC, and how developers can use App Store Optimization to capitalize on them.

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Mobile Cross Play

Mobile Games Prepare for Console Cross-Play: How ASO Will Help

Epic Games has announced the Epic Online Services, designed to bridge the gap between console, PC and mobile gaming. What this means is that mobile games will not only face more competition from console and PC games, but games going from console to cross-platform mobile will need to understand App Store Optimization in order to compete.

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App Store Spotlight: Fate Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order App Store Spotlight

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game based off the popular franchise by TYPE-MOON. It’s a financial success, earning billions in worldwide revenue, but is its achievement based off of the brand alone, or does it have an App Store Optimization strategy that helps increase its downloads and conversions? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we’ll take a look at Fate/Grand Order and see if its ASO is grand as well.

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