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Google Play Policy

Google Play Policy Update for Subscriptions and Location Tracking

The Google Play policy has received new updates designed to protect users’ personal and financial information. The new policies include changes to subscription services and location access. Developers of apps requiring subscriptions or featuring location tracking should ensure they are fully compliant. Failure to do so could result in apps being rejected or removed from the Google Play Store.

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Google Play Pass

Google Play Introduces Premium Subscription Service

Google Play is preparing to launch a new subscription service, which will provide users with access to premium Android apps and all in-app purchases for a monthly fee. While the Play Pass service is still underway, it may create future opportunities for app developers to reach new audiences when supported with App Store Optimization.

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Online Platform Rules

EU Passes Online Platform Rules: How ASO Will Be Affected

The European Union passed a new set of regulations, targeting digital platforms. These new rules will have a significant impact on the digital market, including the App Store and Google Play Store. When the regulations are implemented, it will provide app developers with more leverage and insight into the workings of the stores, including ranking information that is essential for App Store Optimization.

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App Store Lawsuit

App Store and Play Store Face Antitrust Inquiries

While the Apple App Store and Google Play Store host apps from developers all over the world, the companies behind the stores may be giving their own apps extra attention. The stores are under investigation for allegedly favoring their own apps in their stores. Whether or not that is the case, app developers can utilize App Store Optimization to help even the playing field.

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google play update

Google is Making Waves with Updates to the Play Store

Google is at it again with new updates to their Google Play Store that seem to have come out of the blue. Within the past few weeks, users have been reporting new updates that help improve the user experience both in the Play Store and while using apps and playing mobile game. These changes will help users navigate the Google Play Store more easily, discover apps, engage better with ads and even allow users to try apps without installing.

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