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Search Ads Reporting and Localization

Search Ads: Add New Reporting & Localizations to Support Mobile Marketing

Apple Search Ads has added a new reporting feature that will make it even easier for developers to track their app’s performance for a wide array of metrics. In addition to the new reporting tools, it’s also expanding its availability to nine more territories, allowing developers to reach more users around the world with their Search Ads campaigns.

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Keywords in Search Ads

Keywords are Key for Search Ads

A successful Search Ads campaign utilizes keywords to connect active searchers with apps. Taking the time to optimize keywords is an essential part of launching any effective paid campaign and an integral part of App Store Optimization for both ranking within the App Store. But developers can’t just choose what keywords they want to target on a whim – they need to take the time to determine what terms and phrases they’re targeting. Here’s what you should know when determining keywords for your Search Ads campaign. Continue reading

Search Ads Bid Suggestions

Apple Search Ads Adds Bid Suggestions

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is an excellent marketing tool for getting an app to the top of search results for relevant keywords, as well as a useful feature for App Store Optimization. However, developers often wonder how much they should bid – if they spend too much, any sales the ads generate won’t provide enough profit, but if they bid too little, their apps won’t appear enough either. As such, Apple has added bid suggestions to Search Ads, so developers can get a better idea of how much they should bid. Continue reading

New Search Ads Stats

Apple Releases New Search Ads Statistics

Search Ads are a key component of App Store Optimization on the Apple App Store. They help put your app front and center in relevant search results to increase visibility and can even feed back into improving ASO by determining important and effective keywords. Apple has been going on tour throughout Europe to share the latest data on Search Ads, and the information is enlightening to their benefits.

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