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App Subscription

Apple Introduces App Subscription Offer Codes

When an app subscription runs out, users have a decision to make: are they getting their money’s worth enough to resubscribe? Apple has added subscription management tools in the past, such as app subscription billing grace periods, subscription free trials and subscription discounts. Now it’s expanding on the offerings with new subscription Offer Codes on iOS 14, which can be distributed online and offline to attract and maintain users.

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Google Play Pass

Google Play Introduces Premium Subscription Service

Google Play is preparing to launch a new subscription service, which will provide users with access to premium Android apps and all in-app purchases for a monthly fee. While the Play Pass service is still underway, it may create future opportunities for app developers to reach new audiences when supported with App Store Optimization.

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Subscription Apps

iOS 13 Beta Introduces Subscription Cancelation Prompts

Apple maintains an important balance with subscription apps. It wants to incentivize users to subscribe with new discounts and bundles while preventing apps from using predatory tactics to make users buy expensive subscriptions. With the latest addition to the iOS 13 beta, it’s working on helping users avoid accidentally staying subscribed to deleted apps. This will be an important shift for apps with subscription services and may impact their App Store Optimization.

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