Epic Online Services

Mobile Games Prepare for Console Cross-Play: How ASO Will Help

Epic Games has announced the Epic Online Services, designed to bridge the gap between console, PC and mobile gaming. What this means is that mobile games will not only face more competition from console and PC games, but games going from console to cross-platform mobile will need to understand App Store Optimization in order to compete.

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Facebook Outage

Facebook Outage and its Impact on Mobile Marketing

Recently, a Facebook server configuration error caused a glitch that resulted in its longest-ever outage. The glitch left users unable to access not only the Facebook app and webpage, but other apps owned by Facebook, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. What was a mild inconvenience for users was more problematic for developers who use Facebook ads as part of their marketing campaigns, and might even impact their App Store Optimization.

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The New York Times App Store Spotlight

The New York Times is a major newspaper, covering topics vital to the nation and the world. As users begin moving from print media to digital, newspapers like The New York Times have had to adapt with their own mobile apps. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at The New York Times app and its App Store Optimization to see if its news is reaching the audience it needs.

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Google Play Changes Icon Designs

Google Play has updated with a new way to design app icons. These provide dynamically rounded corners and remove shadows, creating a more uniform shape throughout the Play Store. As developers create new icons for their apps, they should consider the App Store Optimization best practices for creative assets and the value that icons provide to an app.

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