Screenshot Copy

Screenshot Copy ASO Best Practices

Do you want your app screenshots to stand out? Do you want to engage with users from the very first image and get them to install your app?

A picture may say a thousand words, but sometimes it takes a little more to truly reach users. If you want to convey the value and functionality of your app from the very first impression, screenshot copy can help.

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Deep Link iOS

Deep Link iOS and Android Apps

When users need your app, it should be no more than a tap away.

That often means being able to go to an exact page in an app in an instant, rather than minimizing the screen, swiping to the app, opening it and navigating to the page. Deep linking can solve this issue.

You can deep link iOS and Android apps to help users find your app and open it to the exact page you need. Deep linking can also help your App Store Optimization, making it a valuable tool for app developers and marketers alike.

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App Store Video

Carrot Weather App Store Video Spotlight

What does an App Store Video say about a mobile app? The video can show your app in action, showcase its top features and much more, as long as it’s designed well.

With summer beginning, Apple showcased Carrot Weather as an “Essential app for the weeks ahead.” When users view its page, they’ll quickly see the promotional video – will it help convert them? For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Carrot Weather and find out.

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Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games

Can mobile games benefit from user-made videos? The Google Play Store is testing a new feature that may help you find out.

A new report from Android Police shows the early testing of a new feature on the Play Store. This integrates YouTube with mobile game Play Store listings to show user-made videos. As the test continues to roll out, it could have an impact on user conversions and App Store Optimization.

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