Updating Metadata Just in Time for Valentine's Day

February 10, 2018


Ah, Valentine's Day – the hype is short-lived compared to other holidays, but apps across different categories can still take advantage of the Hallmark Holiday and update their metadata. Any app from mobile games to dating apps can benefit this Valentine's Day by applying the same concepts that developers utilize for the holidays. Let’s check out how apps in different categories are updating to attract more users.

Mobile Games

Whenever people are itching to kill some time, many do so by playing a mobile game. Come February, love is in the air, and many users have Valentine's Day on their mind. Users are more attracted to a mobile game that incorporates creative elements that are reminiscent of the holiday. If we look at the Book of Life’s mobile game, their icon is currently taking advantage of the holiday. By integrating hearts and a pink background, it conveys that the game is ready for Valentine's Day. These elements entice users into thinking that there might be levels, power-ups or any other in-app content that’s relevant to the current season. IMG_9BD48B756CCC-1 Photo Editor Apps Mobile games are not the only categories that can benefit from updating the metadata and/or creatives to reflect the seasonal holiday. Other apps such as photo editors can update their product listing to represent the types of filters, photo frames, and more features to entice users. For Ink Card, they updated not only their screenshots, but their subtitle as well. These assets immediately communicate to users that the app is fully-loaded for all of their Valentines needs and ready to make their day even more special. By targeting the keyword “Valentine’s” in the subtitle, it already helps the app improve its visibility by leveraging users’ mobile seasonal search trend for that word. IMG_7ECF59352D0A-1 Pic Collage not only updated their creatives, but they also updated their preview video to highlight core features that are applicable. They included creative elements that instantly tell users they can edit their photos with various Valentines filters, stickers or backgrounds. Even though they may not specifically call out “Valentine's Day” in their title or subtitle, all of the elements added to their creatives help them convert users that are looking for a photo editor to meet their needs. IMG_E86FE7600659-1 Dating Apps Dating apps can take a page from the mobile games and photo editors by taking the initiative to update their app’s metadata and/or creatives to be relevant. After all, dating apps are in the business of bringing love to the masses. For them to miss out on the biggest love season would be a shame. Even though dating apps did not follow crucial ASO basic practices this year, they can still learn and apply these changes next year. Dating apps can employ the same creative elements that the above examples did, but give it a twist that helps encourage singles to download. They could even update their title, subtitle and promotional text to give a quick shout out to let users know they can rely on their app if they are looking for that special someone. “Valentines” as a keyword is extremely high-volume, especially as the date is quickly approaching. If dating apps had taken advantage of the keyword and incorporated it in any piece of their metadata, they would most likely appear for the keyword. Unfortunately, it appears that many dating apps missed the opportunity this year as none of them appear in the top 10 search results using “Valentines.” IMG_DF5A4DD87EC8-1 Why Update for Valentine's Day? While updating your app’s metadata for Valentine's Day may not seem as important as updating for other holidays, it still helps convert users that are looking for apps that are relevant to the season. By incorporating creative elements that are easily recognizable to the holiday or specifically calling out “Valentine's Day” in your app’s metadata, you can increase your odds of conversion. Never miss an opportunity to cater an app to current user interests and your app will thank you for it.



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